About Us

About Us

Center forHealth Technology & Innovation (CHTI)

Our Vision Statement

“To build and harness health technologies and relationships in pursuit of innovative and scalable solutions across the health continuum and in alignment with AHA health goals.”

The Center aims to give the patient a more substantive and influential voice in the evolution of digital health technology, and to allow health tech companies more meaningful opportunities to engage providers and patients on a personal level. To accomplish these goals and increase the overall value of digital health, the Center created the Health Tech Collaborative, a consortium of strategic collaborations that will formally link entrepreneurs, providers, researchers, and patients.

Digital Resources

The Center for Health Technology & Innovation allows firms to license content from the Center and the American Heart & Stroke Association. Firms can leverage our expertise through our many studies, reports, and articles.

Health Tech Collaborative

AHA is excited to announce a framework for ongoing health innovation called the Health Tech Collaborative (HTC). The Collaborative will bring together a cross-section of leading health tech companies, industry experts and clinical thought leaders to share insights problem solve and innovate.

The Health Tech Collaborative is focused on building innovation partnerships between the health and tech communities to dramatically improve patient outcomes in the new healthcare economy.

We believe that by bringing together innovative companies and thought leaders across the health landscape and by making a commitment to address key topics and issues we can make a tremendous difference in health outcomes.

This is not an academic exercise… we can truly be a catalyst to innovation and will work to apply the AHA science, content and market presence through our new Health Tech Collaborative, bringing together disparate players to learn from each other, make connections, problem solve and identify new scalable market solutions.

Health Tech & Innovation Forum

Our annual meeting brings together top healthcare providers and researchers, health technology experts, industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs from the world’s most renowned companies and institutions to discuss innovative health care solutions, and share ideas and experiences.

Our Forums are specifically designed to increase collaboration between the members of this influential group. This invite only event drives consideration of how technology can and will measurably improve health outcomes.

Science Advisory Group

Our panel of strategically selected volunteers provide guidance for the Center for Health Technology & Innovation. They lead us in developing the forum, defining the the health technology roadmap, and will guide the CHTI in future publications or outcomes. We have chosen industry experts, thought leaders who have a history and passion for health technology its innovation.

The science advisory group board assists CHTI in the understanding of scientific, health and technology issues critical to the center’s mission.