The AHA Inside is a collection of AHA content, derived from AHA Guidelines and Scientific Statements, and presented in a mobile friendly format.

What We Do

AHA Science Based CarePlans and content are provided through the Center for Health Technology and Innovation through an API.

  • Care Plans for 21st Century
  • Mobile Content Development
  • AHA Asset Library

The CarePlans are designed to help the patient manage their condition by building health literacy, numeracy (understanding the numbers), navigation (accessing the healthcare system), communication, and decision making skills. CarePlan content includes videos, assessments, quizzes, challenges, messages, print materials, and animations.

What is Care Plan

The AHA has been developing CarePlans for post-acute conditions that are patient facing, patient focused and based on AHA guidelines and scientific statements. These CarePlans include heart failure, cardiac rehabilitation, coronary artery disease, stroke, atrial fibrillation, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, cardiometabolic, and Life’s Simple 7). The CarePlans include mobile friendly educational content (video and non-video), assessments (symptoms, medications, lifestyle, and biometric, such as blood pressure and weight), and a communication platform (to communicate with the healthcare team, care givers, and other patients).

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