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  • Building a healthy app for mHealth. Blog

    Building a healthy app for mHealth.

    Building a healthy app for mHealth. (a tutorial, of sorts) Mobile technology and health care are coming together to create amazing new products, services and solutions. Some are saving lives. Some are creating efficiencies. All are changing the face of health care today. But for all the innovation coming to market, there’s still more to be done. Across universities, hospitals, board rooms and marketing departments - there are ideas that could push mHealth forward - but for a wide variety reasons - they haven’t found their way from the back of a napkin to the App Store. As someone who’s overseen the design and development of hundreds of mobile applications, I know first hand why many apps never get started: it’s daunting. Apps can be incredibly easy to use - but the thought of creating one from scratch can be very intimidating. Where do you even begin? Well, in the interest of demystifying the process and sparking innovation, I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learned, operating at the cutting edge of mobile development for the last decade since I cofounded MEDL. Who’s MEDL? We’ve built a process that builds great apps. MEDL apps have been downloaded tens...