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Structuring the Future of Telehealth: Evidence-Based Care and Technology

November 7, 2022 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (60 min)

Panel Overview

Integrating telehealth into health care practice as a key modality—in conjunction with in-person visits—can improve patient experience and outcomes. We will explore the AHA’s efforts to bring science to life and drive the adoption of evidence-based care for telehealth through professional education and certification, advancements in technology, and consultation to practitioners via the Doctors With Heart program.


  • Technology
    Technology is the engine that powers telehealth as a modality for both the clinician and the patient. We will explore the growing field of telehealth, including digital health, clinical solutions for virtual care, and self-management solutions that reduce the number of in-person visits needed.
  • Professional education and certification
    The AHA is working to understand the marketplace and to gain insights into how telehealth is evolving. We will discuss the learning and certification program being developed to build the skills/competencies of practitioners and how the acquisition of the American Board of Telehealth is advancing our efforts.
  • Doctors With Heart
    Example of how the AHA is building skills/competencies and using telehealth technology to connect providers in rural communities to specialists.