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UK digital health company Inhealthcare lands another NHS contract for remote monitoring

UK-based digital health company Inhealthcare is now working with Medway Community Healthcare to provide remote monitoring services to people who are self-managing cardiac health.

Using Inhealthcare’s telehealth platform, Medway patients who have been prescribed the anticoagulant Warfarin for longterm use and currently self-test their blood can now manage their condition completely remotely, freeing up time they would otherwise have to spend going to the doctor as well as reducing pressure on the healthcare system.

Patients can use the Roche CoaguChek XS device to take a fingerprick test to determine whether they are in the ideal therapeutic range, and the Inhealthcare monitoring system will capture, store and transmit the data securely to the NHS. Patients will then receive correct dosing information in return. The Inhealthcare platform also generates alerts to the patient and their care team, and all information is stored in their electronic health record.

“Our technology helps people with long-term conditions to lead more independent lives,” Inhealthcare CEO Bryn Sage said in a statement. “Instead of attending regular appointments at hospital or clinic just to provide basic indicators and receive simple information, patients can now harness the power of technology to do this remotely using their smartphones, computers or landlines.”

The Medway partnership is the latest in Inhealthcare’s growing list of partners to leverage the digital health company’s large-scale health technology platform. The company, which was founded in 2012, is on a mission to digitize services throughout the entire NHS system, and offers many different remote monitoring, telehealth and data capture and aggregation platform options to healthcare organizations including diabetes management, in-home care, and many chronic conditions.

Inhealthcare’s core digital platform complements several NHS initiatives and supports some 25,000 patients across hundreds of primary care practices, nursing homes and hospitals. They also work with many different devices and technology methods, such as glucose monitors that transmit data to their primary care physician via text, or a patient with chronic pain communicating via an app.

With Medway, the remote monitoring program for Warfarin patients is just the first of many chronic condition management services Inhealthcare plans to offer.

“We believe that empowering people to take more control over their own health can have a transformative effect on their wellbeing,” Sage said in a statement. “If adopted widely, our technology could also have a transformative effect on the NHS by vastly reducing the number of routine appointments.”


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