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Aaron Holm

Aaron Holm

Aaron is the Founder and President of Somapath, a leadership coaching, strategic advisory, and patient advocacy firm. Aaron specializes in simplifying complex problems, creating a clear vision and plan for change, and building mission-aligned organizations, systems, technology, and networks to deliver real-world solutions that make an impact.

Aaron has founded, co-founded, and led multiple companies and initiatives as an entrepreneur, pioneering groundbreaking solutions and technologies that have reshaped industries and garnered international recognition. He founded Blokable to address housing affordability, co-founded Mylio to bring privacy to photo management, co-founded Industrial Color to lead the transition from analog to digital photography for the world’s leading creative organizations, and worked on the founding team of Amazon’s physical retail and Just Walk Out technology teams. His ventures have pushed boundaries and secured substantial funding, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues and investor returns, won prestigious awards, and propelled new business models leveraging innovation to address complex, difficult technical, social, and environmental problems.

On the not-for-profit side, Aaron started the Puget Sound Chapter of Mended Hearts and is the patient representative for the Foundation for Healthcare Quality in Washington State. Aaron believes in the power of business as a force for good. His personal background, shaped by curiosity and resilience, has shown me the power of ideas, people, and clear strategy. Having experienced life’s fragility and heart surgery firsthand, he is dedicated to tackling complex challenges and creating merit for others. Aaron serves at the intersection of innovation, capitalism, and impact, driven by a belief that there are always solutions.

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