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Our Vision

To develop and deliver evidence-based, scalable, digital health solutions across the health continuum through innovative health-tech relationships. We imagine a world where these intelligent, digital health solutions and treatments provide affordable healthcare access for patients and their families.

To accomplish this, the Center often plays two roles: that of convener, bringing parties together to solve a problem, and that of a strategic collaborator, lending our expertise to develop products and/or solutions.

Innovators’ Network

To help bring this vision to life, the Center has created an Innovators’ Network, an industry cohort that serves to connect digital health entrepreneurs, providers, clinical researchers, pharma and payers.

Intelligent Health Solutions

The Center’s Intelligent Health Solutions include access to the American Heart Association’s digital CarePlans, which help users better understand and manage their conditions.

These branded, science based, CarePlans span heart health topics and are delivered in a variety of digital formats, including videos, assessments and challenges.

Health Innovation Pavilion at Scientific Sessions

Our annual meeting brings together top healthcare providers and researchers, health technology experts, industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs from the world’s most renowned companies and institutions. The program is specifically designed to increase collaboration between the members of this influential group, encouraging discussion about innovative health solutions, while sharing ideas and experiences.

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