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For 100 hundred years, the American Heart Association has been a catalyst for innovation, driven by our founder’s belief in the transformative power of science and research for those managing heart disease and stroke.

Over the past century, we’ve funded $5.7 billion in research and led groundbreaking discoveries. This includes the development of the first blood pressure-lowering treatments, cholesterol-lowering statins, wearable pacemakers, artificial heart valves, defibrillators, and drug-coated stents.

We have advocated for meaningful policy change and educated people worldwide about preventing heart disease and stroke, and living healthier longer, stronger lives.

The AHA’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation spearheads innovation at the nexus of science and technology, collaborating with health tech innovators who share our mission to enhance patient outcomes, lower costs and reduce barriers to care.

We believe that combining trusted science, patient-centered technology, and clinical outcomes can revolutionize health for all people. The American Heart Association’s vision is to advance health and hope for everyone. We want to improve and extend the health of current and future generations while maintaining optimism for the future.

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