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Farzan Sasangohar, Ph.D

Farzan Sasangohar, Ph.D

Dr. Farzan Sasangohar is an Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering (primary) and Environmental and Occupational Health (courtesy) at Texas A&M University. He is also an Assistant Professor of Outcomes Research at Houston Methodist Research Institute and Division Chief for Health Systems Engineering at Center for Outcomes Research at Houston Methodist. His research interests are centered around understanding and improving human decision-making and performance in multi-task, safety-critical work environments using a wide range of analytical techniques and technological innovations such as remote continuous monitoring and connected integrated systems. He is interested and has experience in designing, implementing, and testing systems that improve human-systems performance in socio-technical domains such as healthcare, air-traffic control, command and control, process control, and surface transportation. Dr. Sasangohar is the editor-in-chief of Human Factors in Healthcare.

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