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Center for Health Technology & Innovation announced by the AHA


Health Tech & Innovation Forum (AHA CEO Nancy Brown)


We live in a world where cars can drive themselves, computers and data optimize our commutes to and from work, and artificial intelligence helps speed decision making and get answers. But, what does this increasingly non-human approach mean for our healthcare system, the future of medicine, and more importantly, the millions of patients within in our healthcare system today?

Right now, the answers aren’t crystal clear. At best, the current solutions in the field represent an imperfect science and, for an organization established on the very foundation of science and hard facts, imperfect is a bit, well, uncomfortable. Though, when you really stop and think about it — scientific research is always evolving and the best methods and outcomes we know and see today, will likely be improved in the future.

Our Center for Health Technology & Innovation represents our desire to couple the worlds of technology and healthcare to solve for new innovation in the field and deliver better results outcomes for patients nationwide.

It’s clear that our success will be rooted in developing powerful partnerships with tech leaders by leaning on our respective strengths—or, said more precisely, pairing AHA’s foundation in scientific rigor and insight with the tech world’s need to constantly innovate, evolve, and improve.

Collaboration will be essential to our success. By combining the AHA’s collection of scientific knowledge with the technology and data management expertise of to-be partners, we’ll be able to chart a course forward that meaningfully impact patients’ lives.

Interested companies can join the Center’s Health Tech Collaborative, which integrates technology and allows access to research, AHA experts, digital health tools, programs and AHA Inside content. These companies can also participate in forums, integrate with research platforms, and potentially collaborate on healthcare solutions.

Perhaps the keynote speaker at our Health Tech & Innovation Forum, Vinod Khosla, offers the best perspective: “Ten years ago, Apple’s iPhone didn’t exist.” So, imagine—with all we know right now—what we can accomplish in our next 10 years of health tech innovation.

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