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Health Techuity in Cardiovascular Care @SXSW

Health Techuity in Cardiovascular Care @SXSW

A panel on Health Techuity on Cardiovascular care was led today by Ann Marie Navar, MD, PhD from the Duke Clinical Research Institute and the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology and Innovation. Dr. Navar was joined Abner Mason from Consejo Sano/Health Tech for Medicaid, Rhonda Mundhenk from Lone Star Circle of Care, and Ronny Hashmonay from Novartis. The panel engaged in an interesting conversation around the best and most equitable use the technology and can be used by all.

While technology adoption is growing, there is still a digital divide. Health Techuity is a Center for Health Technology and Innovation initiative is designed to close the gaps by ensuring that everyone can benefit from technology. This starts with ensuring that people have access to technology and that the technology will result in a better health outcome. One of the greatest medical advancements of our lifetime may turn out to be the smart phone. It can do some incredible things, but not everyone has access to a smartphone, but cell phones have become ubiquitous. The Center for Health Technology and Innovation is working with the Office of Health Equity on a variety of projects designed to improve access to care, knowledge, communication, and decision making. We are developing content and care plans that can support voice and text, so even if the person does not have the latest smart phone or wearable device, they can still access the information.

-Pat Dunn & Carlo Rich, Center For Health  Technology & Innovation

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