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The AHA is teaming up with the technology industry and community health leaders to focus on Health Techuity, an approach to leverage the power of technology to address the problem of health equity by decreasing gaps in care with scalable technology solutions.

It’s essential to harness the promise of technologies to address healthcare problems, and the AHA’s Health Techuity Initiative serves as a commitment to ensure that these technologies are accessible to the entire marketplace.

The Need:

Underserved not getting the care they need

  • Despite advances in cardiovascular health treatment and education, some populations still face worse outcomes based on racial, geographic, and socio economic disparities

Health Tech Industry

  • Not incentivized to focus on vulnerable populations or addressing root causes of cardiovascular disease
  • Innovation tends to be top down

Community Health

  • Community health advocates looking for ways to target, replicate, and scale successful interventions

AHA Health Techuity in action: Doctors with Heart Program

The American Heart Association has established Doctors With Heart to provide quality cardiology consultations to under-resourced communities via telemedicine. The program features no-cost, doctor-to-doctor cardiovascular consultations by American Heart Association volunteer cardiologists to participating primary care clinicians in Federally Qualified Health Centers and community health centers who are treating underinsured and uninsured patients.

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