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Tom Stanis HIP2022

Tom Stanis HIP2022

Tom Stanis is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Story Health, a health technology startup that
brings together virtual care and artificial intelligence to revolutionize treatment for people with heart
failure and other complex medical conditions by extending the reach of specialists into the home. After
his father’s stroke, and experiencing a personal health scare of his own, Tom saw the threatening gaps in
treatment too often experienced by high-acuity patients. With these experiences spurring Tom’s passion
to change the way specialty care is delivered and motivating him to build the solutions that would fill
those existing care gaps and create a better healthcare system, Story Health was born.

Prior to founding Story Health, Tom was co-founder and Head of Software at Verily Life Sciences,
Alphabet’s healthcare division, where he oversaw product development, including medical devices, care
systems, and research platforms. At Verily, Tom was a key contributor in the company raising $1.8 billion
in funding and growing the software engineering, data science and user experience teams from 30
people to over 300. Before Verily, Tom worked at Google for over a decade as a Principal Engineer,
building core systems inside Google’s highly successful AdWords system.

Tom serves on the advisory board of Duke Forge, the University’s center for actionable health data
science. Tom holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison.
Outside of his mission to improve healthcare, Tom can be found out on the trails of the Santa Cruz
Mountains, riding bikes through the Redwood Forests. For some reason, he prefers the uphill climb,
always trying to beat his last PR.

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