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Ali Gates

Ali Gates

Ali Gates is the National Health Tech and AI Initiatives Director for the AHA’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation. With a strong background in AI/ML, digital health, and strategic product development, he is well-equipped to lead the Center’s health technology projects. Mr. Gates’ career path includes roles such as Founder and Lead Product Manager at Elemy, where he played a pivotal role in the company’s valuation reaching over $1 Billion in just two years. Prior to Elemy, Mr. Gates spearheaded AI strategies at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, improving public health data processing and accuracy, including overseeing the COVID 19 contact tracing app collaboration with Apple & Google. Mr. Gates also served in major product management and software engineering roles at ABRA and Google.

Mr. Gates earned an associate degree in computer science from Alfred State College – SUNY College of Technology, and a degree in Mathematics for Computer Science and Differential Equations from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When Ali is not working with his colleagues at AHA, he can be found cycling around Houston, exploring music, traveling, and cheering from the sidelines with his wife while watching their daughter play volleyball. A fun fact about him: Indian cuisine is his favorite, and Iceland, which he has visited multiple times, is his preferred travel destination.

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