The Doctor Is You: The Do-It-Yourself Medicine Of The Future

Nov 5, 2017
The Doctor Is You: The Do-It-Yourself Medicine Of The Future

Right after he started at Butterfly iQ, the company’s chief medical officer, John Martin, felt a thickness in his throat. Since Butterfly iQ makes pocket-sized ultrasound devices that connect to an iPhone, Martin idly connected one and ran the small wand over his throat. He noticed a dark lump that wasn’t supposed to be there and headed for the hospital. It turns out that Martin had found an early stage cancer. If he’d ignored that thickness, or even just waited for his physical to bring it up, he might have been facing a much more dire diagnosis.

Martin is an early winner of a quiet revolution unfolding in medicine — one where instead of a check-up to track your health once every six months, devices in your pocket, on your wrist, and all around your house collect data about your health and track trends to alert you and your doctor to potential medical problems before they become serious. Your grandmother probably told you an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? Well now technology is starting to offer more and more prevention.

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