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eClinicalWorks Integrates Qardio’s Smart Blood Pressure Monitor With EHR Platform

Ambulatory EHR provider eClinicalWorks has announced integration with Qardio’s medically accurate health monitoring devices to deliver patient health monitoring to support over 125k physicians in the USA and abroad. The integration partnership benefits both doctors using eClinicalWorks system and their patients. Doctors get deeper insights into their patients health while patients save time and cost by reducing routine or unnecessary doctor’s visits.

Integration Details

Through this integration partnership, Qardio’s medically accurate health monitoring devices, QardioArm, a smart blood pressure monitor and QardioBase, a wireless scale and body analyzer, have been integrated onto the eClinicalWorks platform which includes a EHR portal for the doctors and their patient-facing healow app. This integration allows patients to share their home recorded health data such as blood pressure, weight and heart rate with their health provider seamlessly.

“We are pleased to partner with eClinicalWorks and support their mission to provide tools for their doctors to be able to practice more efficient care while improving cost and patient experience.” said Martina Janeckova, VP of Global Outreach at Qardio in a statement. “This integration will drive more preventative care with fewer routine visits, something both providers and their patients demand today.”

Over 125,000 physicians and 850,000 eClinicalWorks users will be able to seamlessly access and work with data from Qardio’s devices, providing feedback on their patient’s in-between visits, as the data from authorizing patients will flow automatically to their health records.

Patients with Qardio devices can build a more robust health record, become more active participants in their healthcare and communicate with their medical providers via app notifications, text, voice and email about their health outside the doctor’s office.


Qardio’s clinically-validated devices, QardioArm, QardioBase and QardioCore, provide users with award-winning innovative designs and technology that empower consumers, doctors, and healthcare providers and provide simple, actionable insights into heart health.

“eClinicalWorks is proud to partner with Qardio to help patients take control of their health and wellness. Qardio’s leading BP cuff and weight scale is linked to healow® mobile app to further improve quality of care and overall healthcare experience. We hope the partnership will further encourage and motivate patients to live healthier lives,” said Saurabh Singh, Director of R&D at healow in a statement.


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