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Google and AHA Collaborate on Augmented Reality Hands-Only CPR Trainer

Google and AHA Collaborate on Augmented Reality Hands-Only CPR Trainer

The American Heart Association has collaborated with Google to develop an augmented reality version of Hands-Only CPR training that launches today in the Association’s mobile App, My Cardiac Coach™.

The project uses new augmented reality technology developed by Google to create a life-like environment for users to learn Hands-Only CPR. Users can give a virtual person Hands-Only CPR any time, any place using their compatible Android mobile device. By simply delivering compressions at the correct rate and depth in a gaming experience, players are rated on their performance and can try to improve their score.

The augmented reality Hands-Only CPR was developed by Level Ex, a medical technology company that creates video games for healthcare professionals using the state-of-the-art in visual effects and video game design methodologies.  Open Health Network, the developer of My Cardiac Coach™  and smart patient experience platform powered by A.I., Big Data, and Blockchain, integrated the AR experience into the mobile app so that it was a seamless experience for current and new users alike.

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