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The Mayo Clinic and Telemedicine: Video Conferencing Is Reducing ICU Mortalities

Patients at the Mayo Clinic’s network of Intensive Care Units now have an extra pair of expert eyes watching over them as they recover.

The world-renowned research and treatment facility has built a central telemedicine hub to monitor half a dozen ICUs at once, boosting the level of care available to its patients. The innovation is as a big a step forward for telemedicine itself as it is for healthcare in general. The technology of using video conferencing to link patients and doctors in real-time visual conversation is moving beyond experiment to be implemented as a practical healthcare aid.

The link between the Mayo Clinic and telemedicine is especially strong, given the former’s research into the latter. Now the partnership is creating real-world solutions that can be copied and applied in healthcare settings across the country. Telemedicine is no novelty, but here at VC Daily we’re happy to see it actively saving lives.

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