Microsoft Starts to Support Clinical Trials

Nov 5, 2017
Microsoft Starts to Support Clinical Trials
Technology leader Microsoft has entered into a partnership with the life sciences consulting firm Parexel. This is to develop software capable of accelerating drug development for clinical trials.

The partnership will utilize Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. With this system, Parexel will transfer its informatics software. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service designed for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. The applications run Microsoft-managed global data centers. The Azure is an example of a software as a service platform and infrastructure as a service.

The Parexel informatics software is called Perceptive MyTrials. The software is designed to provide scientists single point access to clinical trial management, together with regulatory information, medical imaging, and electronic patient-reported outcomes. Informatics relates to information engineering, taking into account the interaction between humans and information alongside the construction of interfaces, organizations, technologies and systems.

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