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Erin Michos, MD FAHA HIP2022

Erin Michos, MD FAHA HIP2022

Dr. Erin Michos, FAHA is an Associate Professor in the Division of Cardiology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, with joint appointment in Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Dr. Michos is an internationally known expert in Preventive Cardiology and Women’s Health, having authored >450 publications. Her research involves (1) Cardio-Obstetrics and women’s health; (2) coronary artery calcium, inflammation and other biomarkers; (3) lipids (4) cardio-metabolic disease; (5) diet and physical activity; and (6) vitamin D, calcium, and other supplements.

She is the co-Editor-in-Chief for the American Journal of Preventive Cardiology, Associate Editor for Circulation, member of the Board of Directors for the American Society of Preventive Cardiology, and member of the American College of Cardiology Prevention Leadership Council.

She is a co-investigator in several NIH studies including the MESA and ARIC cohorts. She is the Training Director for three AHA Strategic Focused Research Networks and the recipient of 2 mentoring awards at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Michos completed medical school at Northwestern University, Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital, a Masters of Health Science degree at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

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