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David Fung

David Fung

David Fung is the Vice President, Commercial Technology & Cybersecurity and Risk Management. In this role, he leads the engineering and support for technologies that support the Mission Aligned Businesses. He is also responsible for the Cybersecurity function for American Heart Association.

As a bit of a background, David has over 25 years of experience in IT professional leadership roles. Prior to American Heart Association, he was a Delivery Director at a technology services organization over Healthcare, Technology and Telecommunication Clients. He also had various VP roles at a large multi-national automobile auction company. Here he was responsible for product management, business requirements, IT communications. His team rebuilt the web presence, delivered native mobile applications for buyers and sellers, and built a new platform for global markets to expand the organization’s presence around the world. Previously, he drove e-business initiatives such as Electronic Software and License Distribution, was key in the post-acquisition integration of front-office systems at several large Hi-Tech organizations. He also led the re-implementation at a large behavioral health organization.

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