In small study, wearable technology helps smokers quit

Nov 12, 2017

Wearable technology could be key to reminding smokers looking to quit to put down the cigarette, according to a new study recently published by Oxford University Press’ peer review journal “Nicotine and Tobacco Research.”

The study found that Somatix’s SmokeBeat, a wearable body motion detector or BMD, correctly detected more than 80 percent of smoking episodes in a small test group. It also found that study participants using SmokeBeat technology showed a significant decline in their smoking rate, according to a statement from Somatix.

“It means a much higher potential and efficiency for smoking treatment,” Eran Ofir, CEO of Somatix told MobiHealthNews. “Until now the only way to know [about smoking habits] was to interview the patient, which is very subjective. We provide the layer where everybody wins.”

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