Millennials Are Leading the Way in the Adoption of Digital Health

Oct 29, 2017

With all technological advancements, there has always been some element of a trust obstacle.

Email, YouTube, even today’s ride hailing service, Uber, all had to go through a period of market education rooted in building trust. When email first emerged in the ‘90s, there was an overwhelming consensus that it wasn’t secure. It was unnerving to people to sit in front of their computer, type a message, hit send and let it vanish into the Internet.

Or, take YouTube as an example. In the late 2000s, very few people (comparatively speaking) used the platform as creators. The masses were actually somewhat confused as to who would feel comfortable making videos of themselves and then upload them to the Internet. We had never seen anything like YouTube before—and as a result, were a bit wary to put our trust in it.

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