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Scientific Sessions 2022

Scientific Sessions 2022 Health Innovation Programming

The Center for Health Technology and Innovation is excited to host the Health Innovation Pavilion (HIP), within the Heart Hub at the center of the Science and Technology hall of Scientific Sessions 2022 (Sessions ’22).

In the HIP, we will be exploring the leading edge of innovation and collaboration in the cardiovascular and digital health space. Through out three days of Sessions ’22, the HIP will feature robust and provocative panel discussions, demonstrations of  cutting edge technology, and the every popular AHA Health Tech Competition. Join us as we explore solutions that span the cardiovascular health spectrum, with the goal of leveraging health tech for longer, healthier lives.

Download a printable program here

View Sessions 2022 programming below, with links to panel recordings and demonstrations

Heart and Stroke Health Innovation Program @ the AHA Health Innovation Pavilion

Join us for 3 days of cutting edge science, technology and content around the latest advancements in Cardio and Stroke health tech