Health Innovation Pavilion at Scientific Sessions 2019


November 16-18, 2019


Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA

Join us November 16-18 in Philadelphia for Scientific Sessions 2019 

Stop by the Health Innovation Pavilion to learn about the latest innovation in health technology across a wide range of health tech topics.


SAT, November 16th                   

9:00AM               Type 2, Take 2 Clinical Paradox – Untangling Patient/Provider Misconceptions

10:00AM            siRNA and gene silencing: What clinicians should know about a new class of medications

10:30AM            The Promise of Digital Health in Addressing Hypertension

11:00AM            Is Dr. Mario on to something? How video games are changing how physicians learn

12:00PM             Cracking the code of cardiac rehab: e-cardiac rehab in the digital world

1:00 PM              Careers in Health Tech: Advice from the Front Lines

2:00 PM              Remote Health Delivery: Telemedicine, eConsults and More

3:00 PM              How Can the Electronic Health Record Improve Health Care?

4:00 PM              Hot Topics in AI and Big Data

5:00PM                Health Techuity: Harnessing technology to solve health inequalities

6:00PM               The Road Less Traveled: Charting the journey from NIH grant to successful consumer    health product launch

SUN, November 17th    

9:00AM               Health Tech Networking Coffee

10:00 AM           How to Do Health Tech Right: Best Practices to Regulation

11:00AM            Health Tech Competition

12:15PM             Cardiovascular benefits from tracking physical activity

2:00 PM              Beyond Wearables: Life, Health, Sensor Fusion & Deeper Medicine

3:00 PM              Afib Detection on Smart Watches One Year Later: What Have We Learned?

4:00 PM              Big Data & Deep Learning (AHA in Collaboration with the World Economic Forum)

5:00PM               Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine + Amazon Web Services Prize Competition

MON, November 18th                

9:00 AM              Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine + Amazon Web Services Prize Competition Announcement

9:10 AM             Blockchain in Health Care (AHA in Collaboration with the World Economic Forum)

10:00AM            Health Technology Research Agenda

11:00AM            Health Tech and Innovation for Pediatrics and Congenital Heart Disease: Current and Near-Term Applications

12:00PM             Mental Health Tech: Using technology to address mental health

1:00 PM              HealthTech Pavilion Abstract Session: Machine Learning Applied to Clinical Care

2:00 PM              HealthTech Pavilion Abstract Session: There’s an App (or Tech Solution) for That: Smartphones, Wearables and Bringing Care to the People