Health Data Security: Making Progress?

Aug 11, 2017
Health Data Security: Making Progress?

Yet another survey confirms that despite high-profile cyber threats, many healthcare organizations still have relatively skimpy information security budgets – a continuing area of concern for CISOs.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s 2017 Cybersecurity Survey, based on feedback from 126 U.S. health information security professionals, found that only about 71 percent of respondents were able to even identify the percent of their organization’s budget allocated for cybersecurity. Of those, 60 percent say cybersecurity represented 3 percent or more of the budget, while the rest say the percentage is lower.

The skimpy cybersecurity budgets at many healthcare entities are truly worrisome, says Cris Ewell, CISO at UW Medicine in Washington state, which includes four medical centers.

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