KLAS-CHIME Report: Telehealth Adoption Increasing Among Providers Despite Concerns

Nov 5, 2017
KLAS-CHIME Report: Telehealth Adoption Increasing Among Providers Despite Concerns

Most healthcare organizations and providers plan to expand their use of telehealth programs, based on the benefits they have experienced so far, according to a study released today by KLAS Research and the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). But some also expressed concerns about reimbursement and other potential limitations, according to the study.

Telehealth has the potential to revolutionize healthcare with both healthcare organizations and legislators hoping it will lower costs, improve patient access and improve clinical outcomes. But it is still in the early stages of adoption. KLAS and CHIME worked together to develop and conduct the study to assess how healthcare organizations currently use telehealth solutions and identify barriers to its adoption.

The 104 healthcare organizations with telehealth programs that participated in the study raised questions about cost, reimbursement, available technology, value, the patient experience and integration. Still, the majority surveyed said they plan to either expand the number of specialties served or expand patient access to providers using telehealth systems. They listed patient convenience among the top benefits. This is promising for telehealth, whose success ultimately hinges on patients’ embrace of this option.

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