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Use of Remote Heart and Diabetes Monitoring Skyrockets In Recent Weeks

Use of Remote Heart and Diabetes Monitoring Skyrockets In Recent Weeks

79% of weekly users of Hello Heart remote monitoring are now using the solution 2 to 4 times more often since the quarantine started.

Menlo Park, CA, April 30, 2020 – Hello Heart, the leading remote hypertension monitoring solution, reports that users are now monitoring their health over twice as often since being confined to their homes. 79% of users that used Hello Heart once per week now use it 2-4 times a week. 42% doubled their sessions, 23% tripled them, and 14% quadruped their number of sessions.

The stress of sheltering-in-place is particularly high for people with chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Changes in exercise routines, diet, and social support make managing chronic health problems more difficult. In addition, they also no longer have access to in-person clinical support and preventative healthcare. Employers may offer telehealth options that allow the team member to meet via video with their doctor but unless the patient is using an FDA-validated monitoring solution to track blood pressure and glucose levels, the doctor can’t diagnose, prescribe medication or identify life-threatening situations.

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Employer demand for the Hello Heart solution has tripled in March. More and more employers are offering Hello Heart to ensure doctors delivering care via telehealth calls have the data they need, and that users are empowered with tools to control their heart health. Employers are concerned about theincrease in catastrophic events driven by the lack of preventative care and stress. Catastrophic events are expected to jump over the next 12 months because of the quarantine. Employers are now starting to think about how to support team members and reduce the cost risk from the spike expected in catastrophic events.

Hello Heart offers an FDA-approved blood pressure monitor coupled with an app that tracks blood pressure readings, weight, and physical activity. It alerts for out-of-range hypertension and provides medication adherence tools.

Surprisingly, employers are now providing Hello Heart now not only to existing employees and spouses but also to furloughed workers that are on the health plan as well. According to a recent survey by EHIR, mitigating the uptake in cost for all members on the plan has become the top priority for large employers. In the case of Hello Heart, significant cost savings is not a myth but a proven reality. An independent study performed by Evive showed Hello Heart saved a major US retailer over 34% in medical claims within 12 months. Settling into the new financial reality, in 2020 and 2021, cost savings will be ever more important for employers, and reduction of catastrophic events is critical.

Users of Hello Heart’s remote monitoring solution can easily provide their vital signs report to their physicians securely and privately. During a video telehealth call, the doctor, armed with this data, can detect serious conditions and proactively recommend treatment when needed.

“We are committed to helping our users and clients in quarantine. 70% of our clients adopted “1-click remote enrollment” for their members since the quarantine started, and we’re working around the clock to support them. Our support team now guides users on how to send their data from the app to their physician to ensure they get the best treatment from home” said Maayan Cohen, CEO, Hello Heart.

About Hello Heart

Hello Heart is a clinically-validated hypertension and diabetes monitoring solution that empowers people to track, understand, and improve their health. Users are able to build healthy monitoring habits using FDA-approved blood pressure cuffs and glucometers. They improve their health in real-time with an easy-to-use smartphone application and can catch serious risks in time.


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