New Nokia Health Mate App Brings Updated Design, Wellness Programs

Jun 25, 2017
New Nokia Health Mate App Brings Updated Design, Wellness Programs

As of today, Withings is no more. In its place, Nokia Health has launched. To go along with the rebranding, Nokia has updated the Withings Health Mate app, rebranding it as…Nokia Health Mate.

OK, so it’s not going to win points for originality; but what the relaunch lacks in branding originality, it makes up for with a clean, easy to use redesign. Just a few months ago, after all, I commented that the Withings Health Mate app was cluttered and needed some help:

The current app can be a little overwhelming with its data, the redesign should help that. (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

Image: Anthony Karcz

The previous app could be a little overwhelming with its data… (Image Credit: Anthony Karcz)

The neverending list of tightly packed bar graphs gets overwhelming fast. Before you know it, you’re just scrolling randomly past figures, not sure what it is, exactly, you’re seeing (which, if that’s all you want, there’s an app for that). The new Nokia Health Mate gives your data feed updates some real estate, with each data point taking up a large chunk of the screen. In the case of more actionable items, like badges and program updates, they take up nearly the whole thing.

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